Thank You
Thank you so very much for the amazing fieldwork. Our students left with so much new knowledge and a bigger curiosity of space.
- 3rd & 4th Grade, Pikes Peak School of Expeditionary Learning

Bill Young
Lots of great speakers, exhibits, and entertainment.
- Bill Young

Floyd Fernandez
So great! A wonderful time and my daughter is demanding that I bring her back!
- Floyd Fernandez

Dear Space Foundation,
I just want to tell you how much my family and I have learned from our trips there. We have a lot of fun. Thank you for teaching me so much about space.
- Seth, age 7 1/2

I loved looking at the astronomical memorabilia and interacting with hands on projects like the black hole simulator!
- Jaden, student, Cresson Elementary

I enjoyed learning about Mars, I really want to be the first person to walk its rocky surface.
- Julie, student, Webster Elementary

I hope that the program can reach other schools, it was amazing!
- Emma, student, Academy ACL

It was so much fun to do all the awesome activities!
- Cooper, student, PPSEL

Science on a Sphere was amazing!
- Anthony, student, PPSEL

I especially liked the hands on activities!
- Caleb, student, PPSEL