Buy a star and inspire a student

What was your moment?  Think back on your childhood and those that influenced you.  Was there a moment of inspiration by a teacher, mentor, or parent that helped steer you on your path to success in your career?   Or maybe it was a visit to your local science museum?   Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) as a whole is the fastest growing career field in the world.  The Space Foundation works every day through our education programs to light that spark of inspiration in every student we touch and inspire them to reach for the stars.

In an effort to spread awareness about the robust Space Foundation education programs and the importance of philanthropic support, we are selling “stars” for $10 apiece.

Why $10?  That is the cost for a student to take a STEM-focused field trip to the Space Foundation Discovery Center.

If you donate $10 for the purchase of your star, let us know what you want it to say and we will add it to all the stars we are collecting at our Discovery Center.  They will be displayed in the lobby, and the messages written upon them will serve as inspiration for the next generation of innovators and leaders in the STEM field.  Each star will go into a scholarship fund to pay for one student’s field trip, either in person or virtually, to the Space Foundation Discovery Center.

This past school year, the Space Foundation served more than 15,000 students and teachers in standards-based, hands-on STEM education programs.  A quarter of these are low-income and under-represented students who were able to come on the field trip because of scholarship funding.  Every donation makes a difference, and so can you for only $10.

  Buy a Star, Brighten a Future

Ways to Give

  • One time or monthly gift - Make a one time or a monthly gift in support of the Space Foundation mission.  If you are a Colorado resident, you may be eligible to receive a state tax credit. Learn more.

  • Swigert Society - Join our leadership giving society that provides the Space Foundation with sustainable unrestricted funds to fulfill our mission while getting exclusive benefits and the ability to network with like-minded individuals. Lean more. 

  • Corporate Giving Club - Each year Corporate Giving Club members team up with the Space Foundation Discovery Center to spark creativity, encourage innovation, foster curiosity, and celebrate the wonders of discovery among tomorrow’s leaders – today! Learn more.

  • Scholarships - Send a special teacher to one of our Space Across the Curriculum programs, equipping him or her to bring STEM-related education into every aspect of teaching. Or, help students attend one of the many classes we offer.

  • Events - Attend one of our many annual events, such as the Colorado Space Heroes Hall of Fame Dinner. Check out our events calendar.

  • Memorials - Make a donation to the Space Foundation in memory of someone or to commemorate a special occasion.

  • Matching Gifts - Double the impact of your gift. Contact your employer to see if your company matches employee donations.

  • Gift of Stocks - You can donate appreciated stocks or bonds and may benefit from considerable tax advantages.

  • Planned Gifts - You can have a lasting and profound impact by naming the Space Foundation as a beneficiary in your will. You can also name us as a beneficiary in your charitable lead trust, in a charitable remainder trust or by making gifts of life insurance, real estate or retirement plan assets.  Contact your estate planning attorney or financial advisor to learn more, and then let us know about your plans by emailing or calling 719.576.8000 and asking to speak to the Philanthropy Department. Learn more.

  • In-Kind Gifts - You can donate space memorabilia, artifacts or equipment to our Space Foundation Discovery Center.

  • Volunteer - Use your skills and enthusiasm to make a difference by volunteering with us.

  • Buy - Shop our gift shop at the Space Foundation Discovery Center, or purchase items online, such as our Space Shuttle art - all profits support our education programs.

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