Buy a star and inspire a student

What was your moment? Think back on your childhood and those that influenced you. Was there a moment of inspiration by a teacher, mentor, or parent that helped steer you on your path to success in your career?   Or maybe it was a visit to your local science museum?   Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) as a whole is the fastest growing career field in the world.  The Space Foundation works every day through our education programs to light that spark of inspiration in every student we touch and inspire them to reach for the stars.

In an effort to spread awareness about the robust Space Foundation education programs and the importance of philanthropic support, we are selling “stars” for $10 apiece.

Why $10?  That is the cost for a student to take a STEM-focused field trip to the Space Foundation Discovery Center.

If you donate $10 for the purchase of your star, let us know what you want it to say and we will add it to all the stars we are collecting at our Discovery Center. Each star will go into a scholarship fund to pay for one student’s field trip, either in person or virtually, to the Space Foundation Discovery Center.

This past school year, the Space Foundation served more than 15,000 students and teachers in standards-based, hands-on STEM education programs.  A quarter of these are low-income and under-represented students who were able to come on the field trip because of scholarship funding.  Every donation makes a difference, and so can you for only $10.

  Buy a Star, Brighten a Future

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