Space Across the Curriculum
Teachers on Mars
Teachers engage in a remote Mars mission in the Space Foundation Discovery Center Mars Robotics Laboratory in a professional development course.

We recognize that teachers face many challenges in developing lesson plans that engage students, meet district and state standards and are fun and rewarding to deliver. This is why we place a great deal of focus on delivering professional development to educators with programs that meet education standards by integrating science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics (STEAM) into daily curriculum. Our courses use space as the “hook” to engage students and provide activities that are instantly transferable to the classroom. Our Teacher Liaison program links master educators from around the globe for networking, support and exchange.

Educator Professional Development Workshops

The Space Foundation offers a number of programs for all teachers:

  • Space Across the Curriculum courses can be a part of the Space in the Community program
  • Courses can be conducted for half-day or full-day sessions at your school
  • Classes are held at the Space Foundation Discovery Center in Colorado Springs, Colorado
  • Attend the classes online if you can't attend in person

For a full list of available topics and times, please contact the Education department at [email protected]

Educator Scholarships