We believe that investing in teachers significantly increases student achievement and opportunities for success in all areas.

Space Across the Curriculum

Teachers on Mars
Teachers engage in a remote Mars mission in the Space Foundation Discovery Center Mars Robotics Laboratory in a professional development course.

We recognize that teachers face many challenges in developing lesson plans that engage students, meet district and state standards and are fun and rewarding to deliver. This is why we place a great deal of focus on delivering professional development to educators with programs that meet education standards by integrating science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics (STEAM) into daily curriculum. Our courses use space as the “hook” to engage students and provide activities that are instantly transferable to the classroom. Our Teacher Liaison program links master educators from around the globe for networking, support and exchange.

Educator Professional Development Workshops

The Space Foundation offers a number of programs for all teachers:

  • Classes held at the Space Foundation Discovery Center in Colorado Springs, CO
  • Attend classes online if you can't attend in person
  • Courses can be conducted for half-day or full-day sessions at your school
  • Professional development courses can be a part of the Space in the Community program

Upcoming Workshops!

Abrams Teacher PD Workshop-Mission to Mars!
July 29-August 1, 2019 / Space Foundation Discovery Center

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Space Foundation Teacher Webinars

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Teachers face many challenges in the classroom such as decreased funding, lack of ideas and time for developing lesson plans which engage students, as well as time to create lesson which are fun and rewarding to deliver.

We have the solution! We are producing instant, online training and support to help you be the best teacher you can be and save you time and energy! Join our Space Education Specialists, who are former classroom master teachers, in our new Space Across the Curriculum Webinars and Space Foundation Lunch Bytes.

Keep your eyes peeled for announcements of our upcoming training's through our web site, social media and direct emails. We look forward to “seeing” you in one of our new virtual sessions!

Space Across the Curriculum Webinars

For a limited-time, these sessions are being offered at $5, so sign up today!

Space Across the Curriculum Webinars are our NEW half-day, teacher professional development seminars offered during LIVE presentations virtually which you can log into from anywhere including from home! Learn new lessons, watch hands-on activities and interact with the presenters!

Surviving on Mars

Saturday, June 15th 9:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.
Leanne Rehme, Space Education Specialist at the Space Foundation will present, “Surviving on Mars”. This webinar is a series of hands-on lessons based on humans surviving on Mars and include landing design, habitat creation, space suit design, and human nourishment. It will be an exciting and informative session! Sign up today!

Space Foundation Lunch Bytes (coming soon!)

Space Foundation Lunch Bytes are NEW mini sessions geared for the lunch break! These mini-sessions are designed for any teacher to watch during lunch or your planning period! Learn how to write grants, integrate technology in your classroom, catch up on quick space facts, and so much more!


Mars Habitat

Using ancient technology as well as current technology astronauts can build Mars habitats. You will hear from one of the Space Foundation’s interns about the ancient technology that could work as well as our Space Education Specialists about the current technologies.

Leanne Rehme

Leanne Rehme
The Art of Exoplanets

Description – Learn about exoplanets, how they are detected, and the missions which have discovered exoplanets in our galaxy over the past decade. Learn how to connect space science and art through an exoplanet art project for your students.



LIDAR technology is being used in mapping caves, finding underground ruins, mapping elevations, self-driving cars, and many other things. With connections to future space exploration, current geologic and archeological studies (earth science and history connections), and technology, this lesson helps students hone math skills like graphing, plotting, and fractions in an engaging, unique, and on-trend activity.

Ruth Butler

Ruth Butler
Beyond the PowerPoint

Is your PowerPoint putting your students to sleep? Do you need something to spice up your way of delivering a lesson or have students present a project? Well, look no more! In this “Space Foundation Lunch Byte,” I’ll share with you some fantastic web-based presentations to improve lesson delivery and increase student involvement and excitement. Let’s go BEYOND the PowerPoint and turn learning into fun again!

Slade Bradbury

Slade Bradbury
Google Mars/HiRISE & HiVIEW

Use free apps to investigate geological processes on Mars. Compare and Contrast the surface features of Earth and Mars. Recognize the erosional processes taking place between the atmosphere and geosphere of Mars. Access and analyze satellite photos taken by the MRO (Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter).

Jodie Guillen

Jodie Guillen
Mission Possible: Grant-Writing 101

Join Jodie Guillen, Space Education Specialist at the Space Foundation in Colorado Springs, Colorado, as she helps you bring that mission IMPOSSIBLE into the realm of possibility! Mission Possible: Grant-Writing 101 will help you hit the ground running with the tools and resources you need to write your first grant!

For a full list of available topics and times, please contact the Education department at [email protected]