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Tom Stout

Tom Stout

Tom Stout

Upon retiring from the United States Air Force, Tom taught science in high schools, specializing in chemistry and physics. In two different schools, Tom started the astronomy courses.

After Tom’s retirement from the education system, he took on some very interesting and very important jobs. Tom was a contractor for FEMA twice. He worked with FEMA in response to Hurricane Katrina, where he was responsible for all demolition and debris operations in the St. Bernard Parish. Tom was responsible for part of the lower 9th Ward, where the world witnessed people being airlifted off their roofs via helicopters. He was later hired to train the Saudi Arabian Army and the military of the United Arab Emirates.

Tom states fondly that he is married to a wonderful lady who works at Peterson Air Force Base. Tom has a son and a daughter. His daughter is a paralegal living in Atlanta, Georgia, who has a “very bright” son (spoken in true proud grandfather fashion!). Tom’s son lives in Oceanside, California, and has a PhD in molecular biology and virology. He works for the largest bio-engineering company in the world.

A favorite spot for Tom to enjoy time with his family is up at the log cabin he and his wife built near Cripple Creek, Colorado.

Tom has been volunteering with us in the Discovery Center for about 18 months. When asked why he volunteers with us, he comments that he loves teaching, astronomy and people (particularly kids) and volunteering combines all of these.

Tom’s favorite lab/area in the Discovery Center is Science On a Sphere®. What he enjoys most is how inspiring it is when people learn something new, particularly the kids. Tom also enjoys observing the other docents present in Science On a Sphere® because he learns something new each time… either a fact or a different way of explaining something to the visitors.

When asked if he recalls a special moment while volunteering in the Discovery Center, Tom states, “No… They are all good.” Tom especially emphasizes that whenever he leaves from his volunteer shift, he is often told, “Thank you for being here.” He states he sometimes wants to say, and always thinks, “No, thank you for letting me do this.”

Tom also enjoys the Mars Lab and seeing kids learning there.

Tom also mentioned how much he enjoys volunteering at our premier event, the Space Symposium.

In Tom’s words: “It’s all good.”

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