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Scott Cink

Scott Cink

Scott Cink

What Scott has brought to our volunteer program and Discovery Center mission is more than his generous time and expertise. Scott, in collaboration with Travis, helped to create a whole new volunteer “opportunity” and position here at the Discovery Center. That position is known as Spacemakers.

You can learn more about what the spacemakers do by talking with any of us here in the Discovery Center, but it involves a lot of creating, tinkering, building and more. From the interactive 3D sandbox to the quad copter that is modified to look like a tie fighter, the spacemakers are having a lot of fun keeping their creative juices flowing. Come join them!

A little bit about Scott is that he is a USAF veteran from the Gulf war era who worked on electrical power production systems. Scott utilized the G.I. Bill to earn his degree in Computer Science and he is currently working as an internet applications developer for T. Rowe Price.

Scott, with his wife Lynda, married for 10 years, have lived in the Colorado Springs area since 2001. They enjoy engaging in community events such as GalaxyFest, Mini Maker Fairs and MovieCamp.

Scott has been volunteering here at the Discovery Center since December 2014. When asked why he volunteers with us, Scott commented that he really enjoys the learning, growing and interaction with the community and space enthusiasts that come through here. Scott enjoys working with Space Foundation team and the other volunteers collaborating on ideas to build new things to help enhance the Discovery Center.

When asked what Scott’s favorite exhibit or display is in the Discovery Center, and why, Scott answers with the ever popular Science On a Sphere® (SOS). Scott enjoys that it is not a static exhibit that needs a lot of explanation to be understood or enjoyed. Scott enjoys the dynamics of the SOS in its 3D space. He also commented that the potential it has and possibilities to help educate and inspire visitors and students is why the SOS is a favorite of his in the Discovery Center.

When asked if Scott has had a favorite or special moment while volunteering, Scott’s answered that he enjoys interacting with people we don’t always take the time to talk with; he especially values interaction with those who have actually worked with the exhibits or related missions in their career.

Scott has enjoyed the times he has been able to work with people directly who have built, operated or had a hand in how the exhibit impacted space exploration. Scott thoroughly enjoys experiencing everything from spacecraft to the ins-and-outs of past and future space exploration.

Scott strives to show up to volunteer and always learn something new, work with those beside him, sometimes experts in their field, and be able to brainstorm and build on ideas to continue creating and building on something that may help others to be inspired by all we have to offer in the Discovery Center, and even outside of the Discovery Center.

We asked Scott what would he tell someone that may be interested in volunteering with us all here at the Discovery Center. “I would tell anyone thinking about volunteering to go for it, especially if you are interested in any aspect of creating and enhancing various exhibits. Volunteering has given me the opportunity to meet new people and make new friends with like-minded people. We have actually created interactive exhibits that are on display in the Discovery Center. Moreover, we create mobile exhibits that we can take to community events that are fun and interactive.”

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