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Monica Coates

Monica Coates

Monica Coates

Fun Fact about Monica: Monica lives in England, and travels here to Colorado whenever she can for a month or so each time, to visit her boyfriend who lives here and, of course, to see beautiful Colorado and volunteer with us here in the Discovery Center!

We are always happy when Monica is in town for a visit. Monica’s started out in the medical research field, back in England, but when she realized she wasn’t “too keen” on working with rabbits and test tubes all day, she switched to the social work sector in child care. Monica then went on to work in another local government sector, as a customer service professional.

Monica states, apart from the rabbits, her work has always involved interacting with people, which she really enjoys.

Monica’s interest in space came from her father. He was a rocket designer in England and a mathematician. Monica shared that one of ‘his’ rockets (the “Blue Streak”) is on display at the National Space Centre in Leicester, England.

Monica’s mother was in the literary field, and much more the “people person” in the family. Monica has an older sister who lives near to her in England.

Monica has been with us for about 3 1⁄2 years. When asked why she volunteers with us, and how she came to be with the Space Foundation, she answers that it was to help occupy her time while visiting Colorado. The Space Foundation piqued her interest in anything space related.

When asked what is her favorite display in the Discovery Center and why, Monica states, with a giggle, “what a question—with it ever-changing all of the time in the Discovery Center!” But there is a mainstay that Monica is drawn to: the Mars Viking Lander. Monica is constantly amazed by the fact that back in 1975, only 16 years after the first man- made object was sent into space and escaped Earth’s gravity – here we have something actually making a safe landing on Mars and carrying out its tasks. “What an achievement!”

When asked if Monica has a favorite moment while volunteering, she simply states that it is always a great joy to watch the faces of the school children as they walk into the Discovery Center… that “WOW” factor reflected on their faces!

Monica enjoys that there is always something interesting to see and that you get to meet such a variety of people, of all ages!

When asked what she would tell a prospective new volunteer, she simply says she would tell them, “Go for it!”

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