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Lynnane George

Lynnane George

Lynnane George

Our featured volunteer for the month of September is Mrs. Lynnane George. Lynnane volunteers here in the Discovery Center, usually on Friday mornings, when she is not teaching at one of the three colleges at which she is a professor.

Lynnane teaches at Colorado Technical University, Webster University and Pikes Peak Community College. The courses she teaches range from science and math to writing and space sciences. How lucky are we to have her volunteer at the Space Foundation?! Lynnane brings her expertise and fun teaching style to the Discovery Center to help excite and inspire our visitors.

Lynnane’s background includes serving in the United States Air Force, where she earned the opportunity to work on some incredible space programs, including the Cassini mission to Saturn. Lynnane also taught eight years in the Department of Astronautics at the United States Air Force Academy.

In Lynnane’s spare time, her passion is working with K-12 kids to get them interested and excited about STEM. Lynnane serves on the “Cool Science!” Board of Directors and regularly volunteers with that organization and other STEM-oriented programs around Colorado Springs.

The Air Force brought Lynnane and her husband, Tom, to Colorado Springs first in 1995. They were stationed here for four years. Some of her fondest memories are of teaching at the Air Force Academy and helping with the summer program, called the Teacher’s Workshop, which was offered by the Space Foundation. That program still exists today and is now known as our Teacher Liaison Program.

The Air Force brought Lynnane and her husband back to Colorado Springs in 2005, and this is now where they call home. Lynnane first volunteered with the Space Foundation at the 2013 Space Symposium. Lynnane then learned of the opportunity to volunteer in the Discovery Center and has been volunteering with us here since 2013. Lynnane enjoys learning about the ever-changing displays and exhibits and loves to run the rovers in the Mars Robotics Laboratory and present in Science On a Sphere®.

When asked why Lynnane volunteers with us, she states that as a professor, she likes to keep up with current events and feels the Space Foundation is at the forefront of what is happening and what is important in the space industry. She also enjoys sharing her 20+ years of experience from working on space programs in the Air Force. We are always confident that our visitors will learn something exciting and new when they interact with Lynnane on a visit to the Discovery Center.

Lynnane’s favorite exhibit in the Discovery Center is the Huygen’s Probe model, (as pictured with her above). As a Lieutenant Colonel in the Air Force, one of her jobs was integrating the Cassini payload, destined for Saturn, with the Titan IV expendable launch vehicle.

Lynnane enjoys the gallery floor as well and showing the visitors around and assisting them with the scavenger hunt. “I like the look on kids’ faces when they finally find an answer they’ve been looking for.”

When asked what she would tell someone who was thinking about volunteering with us, Lynnane replied, “Volunteering is a great way to keep up with current events, as well as contribute to your community. Share your experiences! Sign up! What are you waiting for?”

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