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Jeff Gonyea

Jeff Gonyea

Jeff Gonyea

You will usually find Jeff here on his Wednesday morning shift. He is constantly keeping it fresh and fun in the Discovery Center by helping in one of the labs, with the scavenger hunt, in the classroom or supporting one of our activities.

It is an understatement to say that Jeff is a “people person.” We are lucky to have him bringing his joy and enthusiasm to the Space Foundation Discovery Center.

Jeff volunteers with us when he finds a few hours each week in his busy schedule. He currently runs his own small business as a life and business coach. Jeff also runs a junior Olympic volleyball club here in Colorado Springs.

Jeff, prior to starting his own business, served with the US Air Force as a civil service employee for four years. Jeff was also active duty with the U.S. Air Force for seven years, three of those enlisted and four as an officer.

Jeff lives here Colorado Springs with his wife and 4-year-old daughter.

It’s been about 2 years that Jeff has volunteered with us here in the Discovery Center. When asked why he came to volunteer with us, Jeff commented that his mission in life, and with his business, is to assist people in achieving their dreams. One of his dreams since he was a child was to be part of the space industry. While his jobs and careers took him on a different path, volunteering with the Space Foundation allows him to fulfill his dream of working in the space industry. A bonus, Jeff says, is being able to educate and share his love for “all things space” with our visitors and students who come through the Discovery Center.

Jeff went on to say that Science On a Sphere® is one of his favorites, as it allows us to display and teach information in a way that people aren’t used to seeing. He knows this will make it much more likely for visitors to be inspired to have a love for space. The Lunar Module is another favorite of Jeff’s. This display represents the history of space exploration and our incredible capacity as humans to achieve what was initially considered impossible.

When asked about a special moment Jeff has encountered while volunteering, he explains that it’s an “every day moment.” Every time a child gets that spark in their eyes from having learned something new or becomes excited about what they may have just discovered, that never gets old for Jeff.

Jeff is a great advocate for us the Space Foundation. He is not shy about encouraging anyone who may be thinking of volunteering to just DO IT! Take that first step and come in. Jeff knows the only way you will know if you love it as much as he does is to come and spend time in the Discovery Center and experience all there is to do and all there is to learn.

Jeff hopes to see you all soon on the scavenger hunt or at Rocket Alley!

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