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Doug McCormick

Doug McCormick

Doug McCormick

Doug has been volunteering with us here at the Discovery just under two years. You will find Doug’s nameplate on our “Moon Club” board, soon to be joining the “Mars Club” (250+ hours!).

Doug spent 21 years serving in the USAF as a space operator. Doug retired in 1998. His primary field while serving was satellite operations with weather satellites and communication satellites. After retiring from the Air Force, Doug spent the next 14 years as a defense contractor supporting Air Force Space Command. About two years ago Doug made the decision to move on to a different arena. You can ask Doug about the tour industry as he does different tours throughout the USA now.

Doug has been married to his wife Cheryl for 31 years and they have two children. His daughter is a physical therapist down in Orlando, FL, and he will be enjoying seeing his son graduate from Northern Colorado in December.

When asked if Doug has a favorite exhibit in the Discovery Center, he leans heavily towards the Science On a Sphere®. He enjoys giving presentations as some of the interesting questions you can get will keep you on your toes, according to Doug.

When asked if Doug has a favorite or stand out moment since volunteering with us, he told the story of an eight-year-old boy who actually knew that Venus was rotating the wrong way on the sphere. This boy is the only one who has answered that question correctly of anyone Doug has ever asked.

We asked Doug, “What would you tell someone who was thinking about volunteering with us?” Doug commented that he would be very supportive. Doug likes that we do a good job to keep the exhibits updated along with always tying to create new and interesting programs.

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