I had a blast discussing the history of our solar system and scientific facts about it with one of the volunteers there. I'm looking forward to seeing what the Space Foundation offers up in the near future. We need more places like this in Colorado Springs. Keep it up with the awesome work, guys! I'll be back in the future!
- Christopher

The Colorado Springs School
Thank you so much for taking your time to teach us about robots and space discovery! We thoroughly enjoyed driving the rovers and exploring the interesting exhibits. The trip sparked us to want to learn more about the universe and engineering.
- 7th Grade REACH, The Colorado Springs School

Female Short Hair
Hey mamas, my kiddos just went to the Space Museum in town. They loved it! We lived here for 8 years and never knew it existed. This is amazing and my kids kept talking about it... Go check it out. My kids ages 6, 7 and 9 had a blast. :)
- Shamree

This was such a fun and inspiring experience! It took me back to my childhood fascination with science and breathed new life into it. I feel much more optimistic and excited for the future than I did before my visit! Thank you so much for this great experience.
- Jennifer

Female Long Hair
My youngest loves the center and the traveling exhibits. One day we went to go and I did not realize it was Monday and you all were closed. He cried and cried so hard. I never made that mistake again :)
- Karen

Young Male
I have always been passionate about and have had a love for space since I was a young boy. I love volunteering with the Discovery Center since it allows me to share my love of space with other people and educate kids and the public about space and space travel.
- Lance

Adult Female
The Education team at the Space Foundation Discovery Center is phenomenal! I enjoyed every minute of my time at the Symposium, and this was all due to the efforts of this team. I took away fantastic new lessons and friends that share my love of all things space!
- Kathy, Teacher

Volunteer Ron Sparkman with Neil deGrasse Tyson
I loved visiting the Space Foundation so much, that it actually made the decision for me when I was deciding if I should move to Colorado. The amount of enthusiasm for space and science literacy, as well as the creativity that goes into sharing STEAM education with kids of all ages makes it the "happiest place on Earth"! (Sorry, Disney.)
- Ron

Young Female
I loved getting to see the Discovery Center. One of my favorite parts of it is to see the Mars Yard. Also I love the Science on a Sphere presentations.
- Marci, Teacher

Female Long Hair
We recently attended a rehearsal dinner for our daughters wedding at the Space Foundation Discovery Center. The staff was marvelous and their interaction with guests was much appreciated as guests were exploring the exhibits. Attention to detail made our experience one we won't soon forget. Thanks so much.
- Sue