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Kids inspired in hands-on Space In the Community event
Kids are inspired at one of the Space Foundation's Space In the Community events.

Your generosity helped us inspire and engage thousands of students, teachers, residents and tourists by supporting:

STEM is the fastest growing sector of the workforce and the Space Foundation is on a mission to inspire tomorrow's leaders in the field. 

  • Teachers build and test affordable hands-on lesson plans at a Teacher Liaison workshop at the Space Foundation Discovery Center.
    Teachers build and test affordable hands-on lesson plans at a Teacher Liaison workshop in Colorado Springs, Colorado.
    Support the Space Foundation Discovery Center where people can learn about space, science and discovery
  • Provide a scholarship so that a teacher - or more than one - can participate in a Space Across the Curriculum course, providing tools to motivate students to develop STEM skills and, perhaps, to grow up to become a scientist, mathematician, engineer, teacher - or even an astronaut
  • Provide hands-on after-school and in-school STEM-focused student enrichment programs
  • Give low-income kids the opportunity to participate in AGI Space Missions Simulation Laboratory courses in our Lockheed Martin Space Education Center, where they'll learn STEM principles while using the same systems space professionals use
  • Introduce students to robotics at our Mars Robotics Laboratory in our Lockheed Martin Space Education Center

Inspire, Enable and Propel

Since 1983, the non-profit Space Foundation has been the champion of the space industry, providing a non-biased viewpoint and thorough, credible research and analysis; building science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) skills; increasing awareness of the benefits space brings to life on Earth; supporting the economically vital space industry; and helping aspiring young professionals achieve their dreams.

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The Space Foundation is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization that depends on philanthropy to continue our important mission to advance space-related endeavors to inspire, enable and propel humanity.