The Space Foundation supports educators with a free, easy-to-use collection of national-standards-based, space-themed, hands-on lesson plans developed and tested by professional educators.

Standard Format

All lessons follow the same format and include:

  • Whether the plan is an individual lesson or a unit
  • Suggested grade levels
  • Subject area and which national standards are met
  • Complete lesson instructions

In addition, many also include:

  • Detailed background information on how/why the plan was developed and/or how it can be used
  • Associated vocabulary words
  • Materials needed
  • Extension suggestions
  • Evaluation/assessment guidelines
  • Resources/credits
  • Addenda/attachments

Searchable, Easy-to-Use

The bank allows teachers to filter lessons based on a number of different criteria to make searching fast and easy. The lessons were designed by practicing teachers who received intensive training at the Space Foundation Space Across the Curriculum courses.

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